Live Webinars and Events

Our monthly STARMAP Astrology webinars provide you access to the most accurate "spiritual intel" from a galactic perspective. These webinars provide you with specific insight into what challenges and opportunities are to be expected in a given month.

The Pleromic Healing webinars provide you with ongoing spiritual-energetic healing and support. These profound group healings are excellent opportunities to regain and replenish your lost vitality, especially if you live a particularly stressful or demanding life.

These webinars are offered on a monthly basis and is an excellent place to start if you are new to Jozef’s work.

Finally, we offer several live Masterclass events in person and via Zoom. These events give you an opportunity to study with the Gnostic Jozef directly

Remote and In Person Sessions

During these high-powered healing sessions, the Gnostic Jozef and his Advanced Spirit Teams will apply decades of technical experience in spiritual healing to address a wide variety of issues and concerns. There is no limit into what can be accomplished in these 1 on 1 sessions. Issues can be addressed in multiple facets of your life, such as in areas of health, wealth, relationships, paranormal disturbances, spiritual attainment and more. These sessions can also be provided for your Loved Ones and Forever Friends (pets) at a distance.  

Phone Consultations

Do you want to speak with The Gnostic Jozef in a private setting? Do you have personal, professional, career, paranormal or spiritual questions/concerns you would like guidance on ? If so, this is the perfect venue to receive specific direct Divine Guidance and the Gnostic insight you are seeking to address ANY issue you are experiencing.

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Join the Coterie of Sacred Organic Living Light! As an Elite Coterie member, gain access to special and unique benefits such as exclusive trainings, Supernatural Spiritual Support, enhanced Spiritual Practices, priority scheduling for sessions, special discounts and more!


Access all of the Gnostic Jozef's divinely sourced products and instruments of light for purchase!

These resources are hand picked to enhance your spiritual practices, energetic hygene, physical health and well being, maintain a energetically clean space, and so much more!

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