Live Webinars and Events

The Aeonic Transmission and Pleromic Alignment webinars give you access to the most relevant and real time teachings, transmissions, empowerments, and support being offered by the True Emissaries of Light. Experience Jozef as he transmits these often complex and Galactic level sources into an easy to understand format for practical application.

These once in a lifetime opportunities are offered on a monthly basis and is an excellent place to start if you are new to Jozef’s work.

Remote and In Person Sessions

Divine Grace is also available at a Distance, to you and your Loved Ones, without hesitation or limitation. In these Grace filled sessions, The Gnostic Jozef and his Advanced Spirit Teams will address a wide variety of issues and concerns in multiple areas of your life, or the lives of your Loved Ones, including your Forever Friend(s).  

Phone Consultations

Do you want to speak with The Gnostic Jozef in a private setting? Do you have personal, professional or spiritual questions, concerns or inquiries you would like answered? If so, this is the perfect venue to receive specific Direct Divine Guidance and the Gnostic insight you are seeking

Become an 2023

Coterie Member

Join the Coterie of Sacred Organic Living Light! As an Elite VIP member, gain access to special and unique benefits such as exclusive trainings, Supernatural Spiritual Support, enhanced Aeonic Spiritual Practices, priority scheduling for sessions, special discounts and more!

Puja Interventions

For the first time in over a decade, the Gnostic Jozef is granting access to extremely Sacred and Powerful ceremonies through his private network of monasteries that hold ancient and unbroken lineages. This option is available to all of his current and new clients, especially if you are finding yourselves in extraordinary circumstances beyond your control....


Access all of the Gnostic Jozef's divinely sourced products and instruments of light for purchase!

These resources are hand picked to enhance your spiritual practices, energetic hygene, physical health and well being, maintain a energetically clean space, and so much more!

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